JOSH B. MANESS | Attorney at Law

JOSH B. MANESS | Attorney at Law

Examples of some of the cases we have worked on:

Harman v. Trinity Industries, Eastern District of Texas, $672,000,000 Judgment. Josh was the original lawyer filing this case on behalf of Mr. Harman and was part of the trial team. It is currently on appeal.

Great Northern Energy v. Kevin Stephens, et al. 71st Judicial District Court, Harrison County, Texas. Plaintiffs were seeking $1,000,000,000 in damages related to an oil & gas transaction. Josh was lead trial counsel for Mr. Stephens. After a week long trial the jury returned a verdict in favor of all Defendants. It is currently on appeal.

Work Related Facial Fracture, CT Scan interpretation

Land contamination, salt water injection well blow out, Jonesville, Texas.