Product Liability Lawyer in Texas

What to Do When a Defective Product Harms You

Retain an Experienced Product Liability Attorney for Your Personal Injury Case

When you buy a product, use prescription medication or equipment at work, you don’t expect to be injured by it. If that happens, you need to understand your legal rights and hold the responsible party accountable for the financial burden of your recovery. You don’t have to do that alone, nor should you try. After seeking professional medical attention, consult a trusted product liability attorney as soon as possible if you’ve been hurt using a defective product or drug.

Whether your injuries occurred in Marshall, Waskom, or anywhere across Harrison County, the Law Office of Josh B. Maness can help you file a product liability claim and fight for the best possible outcome for you.

Do You Have a Legal Grounds for a Product Liability Lawsuit?

Don’t hesitate to seek legal representation after an injury. You should speak with a product liability attorney right away if you were injured due to:

  • Defective drugs
  • Defective workplace equipment
  • Defective consumer products

Attorney Maness also focuses on motor vehicle defect law in Harrison County. If you were hurt in a crash as the result of a faulty vehicle part, you deserve compensation for your injuries to help you recover. Let product liability attorney Maness walk you through the legal process. His 14+ years of motor vehicle defect law experience will be invaluable as you fight for justice after an accident.

Choose the Law Office of Josh B. Maness

Regardless of what type of product or accident caused your injury, attorney Maness can help you understand your situation and available options for moving forward with a personal injury case. Whether you were hurt at home or on the job in Marshall, Waskom, or anywhere across Harrison County, put his experience to work for you so you can focus on what matters most — your recovery.

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